1a1 STUDIO presents SAILING BAGS, designed and handmade by Beatrice Mascellani for the new collection 1a1 a mano.


The sail is an object of high-tech craft, designed by sailmakers with extremely durable and waterproof materials. Different shapes, seams and reinforcements depending on his duties on the boat.
SAILING BAG reuses the discarded sails who sailed.
The model is made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely by hand, by applying to the SAILING BAG materials and techniques for sewing the sails.
Each SAILING BAG is unique and has his own history of navigation: signs left by the wind, by the sun and salt still allow us to imagine it on the sea. For this reason each one is identified by a serial number and a sequential number.
The SAILING BAG has a pouch for personal objects suitable to contain the bag when folded.


Susanna Coronica for the opportunuty

Giorgio Pitter for the sail

Tiziana D'Izzia for advices

Alessio Bozzer for photos and web site

1a1 studio unoaunostudio@tiscali.it via Armando Diaz 10, 34124 Trieste ( Italy) tel. 0039 040 311648
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